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SNAP Touch Menu is an all-in-one digital menu that allows customers to order, pay their bill, enjoy entertainment, and more. SNAP increases efficiency and revenue for business.



Tablet with SNAP Touch Menu
Games, Data, Music, Social Media, POS integration, Pay, Order. Customer loyalty. PCI/DSS compliant with SNAP Touch Menu


What is SNAP Touch Menu?

In restaurants around the world, SNAP Touch Menu is improving the dining experience through its innovative ordering software by streamlining the ordering and payment process to make dining out more enjoyable for customers, while also providing a variety of exciting features, such as game play, social media, and so much more!

Tablet with SNAP Touch Menu

Serving with SNAP

When given the choice, 75% of diners will pay with a device,
which leads to a:

  • 10% increase in sales

  • 20% increase in appetizer orders

  • 5 minute increase in table turns

  • 5 – 10% increase in tips

  • 20% increase in dessert orders

  • 30X more customer surveys submitted

Partner with SNAP

Digital menus are proven to increase average ticket sales. SNAP is taking this a step further and implementing revenue generators that allow our customers to make more money. Ask us about our our revenue share programs and strategic partnerships, today!

Data with SNAP Touch Menu


Advertising with SNAP Touch Menu


Games with with SNAP Touch Menu

Pay Per Games

Music with SNAP Touch Menu


Dining with SNAP

Our unique software is specially designed to help improve communication
across the restaurant so that you’re never left waiting longer than necessary.

  • Communicate with your server no matter where they are in the restaurant.

  • Streamlines the ordering process to help your food & drinks come faster

  • Provides entertainment while you wait with games and other applications

  • Social media access

  • Gathers feedback and alerts the manager when things go wrong

  • Split the check, calculate gratuity, and pay in your own time

  • Purchase gift cards and merchandise

  • Sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs

Data with SNAP

Unlike other touch-menu systems, SNAP utilizes data in a meaningful way to help brands better connect with their customers.

• Discover purchasing trends
• Pinpoint preferred products
• Measure customer loyalty
• Collect customer feedback for an in-depth look at what made their experience enjoyable


Data with SNAP Touch Menu

SNAP Collects More Data

  • Food ordered

  • Time spent viewing each item

  • Item pairings

  • Customer feedback

  • Menu items browsed but not ordered

  • Peak ordering times

  • Wait-staff reports

  • User profile updates

SNAP Hardware

Unlike other digital dining systems, SNAP Touch Systems gives you greater flexibility with three hardware options. This allows you to pick the solution that best meets your restaurant’s needs.


Tablet with SNAP Touch Menu
Wifi enabled, Seamless POS integration, Built-in credit card reader, Built-in camera with no setup needed, 20 hours of battery life, 10.1`` screen, Secure EMV payments, LED indicators to notify staff with SNAP Touch Menu

Standing Kiosk

AKA Line Buster

Kiosk with SNAP Touch Menu
Wifi enabled, Seamless POS integration, PCI/DSS compliant, Built-in credit card reader with SNAP Touch Menu

SNAP Table

Table with SNAP Touch Menu
Wifi enabled, Seamless POS integration, interchangeable power cable for worldwide installation, Saves energy by hibernating when your restaurant is closed, Easily integrate touch screen with any table top, No additional computer servers required with SNAP Touch Menu


  • Compass Group with SNAP Touch Menu

  • TopGolf with SNAP Touch Menu

  • MGM Grand with SNAP Touch Menu

  • Marriott with SNAP Touch Menu

  • Bar Rescue with SNAP Touch Menu

  • Griddler's with SNAP Touch Menu

  • El Conquistador with SNAP Touch Menu


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Tablet with SNAP Touch Menu


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